Cyborg Love Songs

by Anu

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An electronic synthesizer rock album product delivering nearly 40 minutes of listening pleasure.

A concept album about the futile pursuit of perfection, our relationship with technology, and life. An implied rather than explicit story.

"I like cyborg love songs - they're very precise."

Sounds like modern Depeche Mode or older Gary Numan.


released March 1, 2008

Anu: voice and computer



all rights reserved


Anu San Francisco, California

Anu has been creating music for more than two decades.

He studied electronic music at Dartmouth College, with Jon Appleton and Christan Wolff.

He is a pioneer in the Internet music industry, and one of the creators of the Rhapsody Music Service.

Sometimes he teaches "A History of 20th Century Music" at Duke University's Talent Identification Program.

Anu currently lives in San Francisco.
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Track Name: Daemons
I've never really felt that I was ever good enough
But even I can be improved if I just stay tough
My teeth are metal reinforced
My eyes are plastic lens
And daemons run inside my head
Imaginary friends

To make a statue take a hammer and smash what you don't want
To sharpen up a blade just scrape until the dull is gone
They say you must destroy yourself in order to create
Before you can be loved, you must be someone you hate

I will change

The daemons run inside my head and tell me what is wrong
They point out what can be improved and they focus on my flaws
I listen to their whispering and I hear what they say:
I am still not good enough
So I smash and scrape
Smash and scrape away

I can change
Try harder
Am I still the same?
Still the same
Track Name: Magnesium and other metals
I've been reading so much information
About my situation
A chemical mix that I must fix
I think it's magnesium

Pills three times a day
I changed the food that I ate
Re-uptake takes time
I'm sure I'll be fine
I can metabolize the rest

Potassium in deficit
Dopamine agonists
B-complex and bone
Titration and chrome
Unraveling bit by bit

There is a balance I am seeking
A solution I can make
A certain ratio I must not go below
Something I can take

Is the problem the serum or cells?
Am I toxic?
I can't tell
But I know I can't stop
And soon I'll unlock the secret
And then there will be
No twitching, no scratching, just sleep
No itching, no thrashing, just peace

There is a balance I am seeking
A solution I can make
A certain ratio I must not go below
Something I can take
Track Name: Home is where the hum is
As a baby the car’s engine put me to sleep.
My parents drove all night
And they raised me by the TV screen
Now I wake to static late at night

At 30,000 feet above the earth
The Rolls-Royce thrusters scream
Strapped into seat F-24
Their rumble bids me dream

When I travel I long to hear
The hum of the machines at home
All the sounds that comfort me
The fans and furnace drone
Track Name: Ctrl-Q
This is much better than it’s ever been before
Much more real
More rich
More speed
More more
I feel like I could go forever and it only hurts when I stop
This is much better than it’s ever been before

There are others here just like me
We don’t have much to say
We chase our daemons every night
Through a dark unending maze
Nothing really changes here and
I end up back where I start

I wish I wanted to stop

I thought my addictions were at an end
But now it seems they’ve come back for revenge

But it just adds up to nothing
And all I’ve got to show
Is wasted time and a wasted frame
And memories of where I’ve been but where I can never go

I wish I wanted to stop

I thought my addictions were at an end
Now it seems they've come back for revenge
Track Name: Perfect
I am painting a picture with blood and wire
I am writing my story in glass and fire
It's almost right
It's almost nice
Just one more twist and I'll be fixed

Perfect, so perfect
This pound of flesh
Perfect, so perfect
I'll be the best

I am heading for somewhere that few have gone
I'm approaching the limits and I've just begun
And it's almost right
It's almost nice
Just one more change
I'm still the same

Perfect, so perfect
I can almost touch
Perfect, so perfect
It's not too much

Perfect, so perfect
Just need to be strong
Perfect, so perfect
This can't go wrong

Perfect, so perfect
The end is in sight
Perfect, so perfect
I'm almost right

Perfect, so perfect
The end is near
Perfect, so perfect
There's nothing to fear
Track Name: Download
Forget everything
Drift in the white noise ocean
The sun is rising

Let go of yourself
See the beautiful blankness
It’s Monday morning

This won’t hurt a bit
Breathe in a clean new program
It’s time to wake up
Track Name: Cyborg Love Song
0 machine, 0 mirror
Can you make the picture clearer?
And bring me nearer to thee?

Make me 1ne, make me (w)h0le
Scan my imperfect soul
And correct the mistakes that you see

You're everything I want
You're everything I need
You're everything I love
My machine

O mind, O flesh
Will you please accept these updates
The upgrades
and the rest?

Take me in
Take me deep
Listen to me speak
Finally you will be your best

It's everything I want
It's everything I need
It's everything
I love my machine

I'm everything I want
I'm everything I need
I'm everything I love
I'm machine


I, machine
Track Name: Undo
There's no going back to how it used to be
I've known it all along
But I didn't want to see

There is no "undo"
And like it or not, this is you

This is you

This is it
That's as good as it gets
I've made a few mistakes
I'll live with the regret

There isn't anything else to say
I'm going to have to learn to live this way

I'll live this way