by Anu

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Anu delivers a modern electronic guitar rock record.

"A glitch Floyd dystopia" with slowcore, goth, ambient, and more traditional rock influences.

Influenced by The Church, Pink Floyd, Chameleons UK, The Sisters of Mercy, David Sylvian, Fennesz, Neil Young, Underworld, and more. Programmed beats, distressed guitars, and vocals.


released March 1, 2009

Written, performed, and recorded by Anu
In Blue Moscow
February 2009



all rights reserved


Anu San Francisco, California

Anu has been creating music for more than two decades.

He studied electronic music at Dartmouth College, with Jon Appleton and Christan Wolff.

He is a pioneer in the Internet music industry, and one of the creators of the Rhapsody Music Service.

Sometimes he teaches "A History of 20th Century Music" at Duke University's Talent Identification Program.

Anu currently lives in San Francisco.
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Track Name: Resigned
One day you awaken in a different place
Where the names may have changed but you’re sure you know the face
The company accepted the letter you had signed
But they own your precious skills and the knowledge in your mind

You’d resigned yourself believing it will always be the same
You had your fill of wet work and the playing of the game
The secret rules in hidden layers of authority
No accountability or responsibility

There’s no way out of this
You know they’re coming for you

The weather is pleasant like they want you to be
All the buildings are empty like the sky and the sea
Nothing is provided and nothing is free
There are wheels slowly turning driving things you cannot see

There must be some way out of this
You know they’re going to get you

You feel the lies behind the truth and you see right through the lies
You hear Big Ben chiming underneath Miami’s skies
From Langley to Moscow you begin to realize
No one’s a civilian, everyone’s a spy

In the rubble of the buildings and the wreckage of the planes
A search for clues and evidence, a meaning to explain
Machines will analyze and computers will decode
But there aren’t any answers, that’s just the way it goes

There is one way out of this
You know they’ll try to get you
Track Name: The Signal
You can hear it just below the blowing wind
Feel it in the nerves beneath your skin
Catch a glimpse as you drift away at night
But you can’t decode the meaning inside

Distant shrieking sets your teeth on edge
The doctors say it’s all in your head
Flickering in the pixels of your screen
See it in the sunset as the sky is flashing green

The signal is coming through
The signal is coming for you

Raindrops drum against the window pane
Drawing familiar shapes you can’t explain
On the wires and the airwaves you can’t get away
And you can’t figure out what the signal conveys

The signal is coming through
The signal is coming for you
Do you hear it?
Do you feel it?
Track Name: The Distant Future
You would have thought by now
I’d be more concerned about
More important things
Like the cash in the accounts

Or which woman in which town
Or which car to take out
Instead of rust on the strings
And the leaks in the house

Alarm sounds reveille
Fade out the dreams
A slave to the machines
That should be working for me

Do you have one more hit?
Can we try it again?
The distant future’s closer now than it’s ever been

It doesn’t sound fresh
“Too something” I guess

The pessimist
The point of it
Is dull and it’s not over yet

The kids are telling me that they’re selling me
There’s a brand new style that’s much too tough to take

Another melancholy song
Tomorrow’s finally gone
The distant future passing by and today is done
Track Name: 1,000,001
A million drops of rain
One sun behind the clouds
A million stars in the milky way
One moon is shining down

A million notes I’ve scribbled
One sings in my ears
A million sounds surround me
One that I cannot hear

One zero zero zero zero zero one

A million bytes on the internet
One more page to read
A million dollars in the bank
One more is all I need

A million miles to go
One on the 101
A million cars all burning gas
One atmosphere above

One zero zero zero zero zero one

A million things to think about
One keeps coming to mind
A million possible universes
Only one of them is mine

A million subway faces
I’m looking for the one
A million things to do and say
Time is up, I’m done
Track Name: In Morpheus Station
Down the steps and into the dark
Leave the kingdom above
In my traveling suit, dressed for the part
I took the mask and the drugs

This could be the only escape
From the overcast gray
At the end, the sun awaits
And time slips away

Waiting for the train
In Morpheus Station
They know your destination
And they know your name

The connection must be late
So few hours remain
Afraid I’m being betrayed

Machines hum and whir
Reality blurs
Just fragments and flashes
of heroes and ashes

Waiting for the train
In Morpheus station
Above is radiation
And black rain
Track Name: After The Revolution
Well I woke in a cold sweat from a dreamless sleep
The winds were blowing papers through the empty streets
And the voices on the radio all saying we were free
Welcome to the new regime in 2013
This is what they call democracy in 2013

I was sitting in the apartment tower
Watching the news at 10
Justice would be shown on TV
They didn’t tell us when
I was thinking about you and thinking of my friends
The slogans ringing in my head
I was wondering what they meant

Fires burning by the empty cars in the underpass
I heard boots stepping through the plaza over broken glass
I saw the helicopters circling in the sky above, overcast
Hunting for the stragglers
Rounding up the last

Well, I’ll be laying low here for a while
Keep my head down
I’ll try to get a message to you
Or get out of town
They say good times are coming
Well I have my doubts
And I can’t help thinking
This is all my fault
Track Name: The Blue Sea
Stayed under too long
I guess
I lost track of time
Why didn’t you think to check
If I was alright?

There’s not too much sun left
Through the overcast
I’ve got some strength left but
I don’t believe you’re coming back

Floating here
In the deep blue sea
I’m at peace
Everything’s so clear

All the things I thought would protect
Every one let me drown
So much weight around my neck
Slowly pulling me down

Sinking here
In the deep blue sea
Down below me
Lurk mysterious fears

Drowning here
In the deep blue sea
Cold and deep
And it tastes of tears

Full fathom five you’ll find me
Grown all rich and strange
And deeper than did ever plummet sound
These rusting notes sustain
Track Name: I Remember L.A.
I remember sunshine
I remember you
I remember laughing
Do you remember
I do

I remember driving
I remember the night
I remember drinking
Do you remember
I might

Concrete and the palm trees
Hazy in the heat
Traffic on the freeways
No one on the streets

Lying on the sofa
In the setting sun
Waking in the darkness
Waking on my own

All of it is done now
They’ve all gone away
I remember leaving
I remember L.A.