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All you zombies listen up good because I'm only saying this once
There's no sense in repeating it again cuz repeating it again is dumb
This is a tale that starts with snakes but in the end it comes around to beats and breaks
What time is it?
What is time?
What do you think you're doing when you're making rhymes?

Before you get lost here you might as well stop here and take it from the top again
I'm trying to explain why it all sounds the same
And why we're spinning down the drain
Now I'm going to toss benzene in the mix
It'll help you solve like Stradonitz
I must confess that I digress here
But this mess causes stress and a need to express here
After I rest

Ourobouros - what goes around comes around

Did you get The Message in 1982?
Synthesizers and beats were bringing something new
Original. No samples.
Then Run-DMC in 1984 busted out the guitar and made us yell for more
The Kings of Rock, raising hell.
No samples.
Now you're digging through crates like you're digging for gold
But you're digging up graves if the truth is really told
You're robbing the greats thinking it's safe just stop
Because you're stripping and ripping off hip-hop
So listen, my position: Your mission as a musician is to stop biting tracks, leave the vinyl on the racks and get out of the loops that you're trapped in. Break out of the loops that you rap in. Break out of the loop of your habits. Break out of the breaks and find a new path.

All you zombies listen to me: Music isn't spelled M-P-C.

Ourobouros - It's a vicious circle
Ourobouros - What goes around comes around
Ourobouros - Break the vicious circle
Ourobouros - What goes around comes around

Everything they play now I've heard before
It's just a copy of a copied copy's copy...
Now if some are confused by the words I use, let me say it once more:
No samples.
The vinyl spins, the tape loops, the bits buffer stutter repeat.
Now I know who I am
But who are all you zombies?
Bringing in take-out doesn't make you a chef.
There's a reason they call it "fresh".


from Decayed, Decayed, released March 1, 2007



all rights reserved


Anu San Francisco, California

Anu has been creating music for more than two decades.

He studied electronic music at Dartmouth College, with Jon Appleton and Christan Wolff.

He is a pioneer in the Internet music industry, and one of the creators of the Rhapsody Music Service.

Sometimes he teaches "A History of 20th Century Music" at Duke University's Talent Identification Program.

Anu currently lives in San Francisco.
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