by Anu

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"Bryan Ferry in Blade Runner" - a cinematic, stark, minimal, and restrained alternative record. Influenced by Scott Walker, David Sylvian, Bryan Ferry. Non-traditional acoustic instruments, electric piano, and found percussion. Unique soundscapes and quiet, deep vocals.


released March 1, 2010

Written, performed, and recorded by Anu
Shot on location in San Francisco, February 2010



all rights reserved


Anu San Francisco, California

Anu has been creating music for more than two decades.

He studied electronic music at Dartmouth College, with Jon Appleton and Christan Wolff.

He is a pioneer in the Internet music industry, and one of the creators of the Rhapsody Music Service.

Sometimes he teaches "A History of 20th Century Music" at Duke University's Talent Identification Program.

Anu currently lives in San Francisco.
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Track Name: San Francisco, 2010
Track Name: Another New Me
It's the strangest thing
Must be a waking dream
The strangest thing
Or the latest invention

Holographic projections
Some cruel trick
Or pharmaceutical deception

Through the downtown crowds in the rainy streets
You were walking around
with another new me

I saw you last night
I couldn't believe
You were running around town
with another new me

I used to be the one
Now I'm just one more
Of many
From which to partake

And this I could endure
If I could just be sure
That I am the true me
And not a fake

In the singles bar I counted three
You were dancing close
With another new me

Tonight I know where you'll be
Making love
To another new me

Now everywhere I look
Is another new me
Track Name: The Only Things
I pinch myself but I don't wake up
I cut myself but I still feel numb
The drugs
The drinks
It's later than you think

I starve myself but the weight won't lift
I beat myself up and I can't stop it
Then you appear
Tell me what I need to hear

Late at night
Nearly three
You whispered to me
We are
The Only Things
We need

I watch the news but I'm still confused
Does any of it make sense to you?
The world
How I feel
It all seems so unreal

My love, my friend
Waiting for the world to end
We are
The Only Things
We need

Stroke my head
Take me to bed
We are
The Only Things
We need
Track Name: Blue The Light
Blue the light that shines on me
Watching you on the screen
Blue your eyes and blue the scenes
Replay, rewind, recurring dream

Blue the nights I sit at home
Scanning, surfing all alone
Blue the color of the bruise
Thinking of my time with you

Blue the sky of the winter's day
The weather is unpredictable but you're always the same
I've been outside and I know it's true
No one else, only you

You'll come in to my room tonight
And if it's just a repeat, well that's alright
You're the light that shines on me
Our love as real as love can be
Track Name: 1187 Hundertwasser
Track Name: Something Like Love
Scientists say that solid things
are mostly empty space
Tiny motes vibrating
Distant and held in place

They don't really know how it works
They've watched things break apart
Fundamental forces, strange quarks
Fuse or remain inert

Isn't that something
Something like love

You and me, we have our chemistry
Passion's fiery heat
Friction and chemicals
The physics of purest need

I don't really care why it works
Or what the future can bring
Get undressed, play your part
With you I feel something

Isn't that something
Something like love?

When I press my body to yours
Tell me that you want me
Tell me to kiss you
Tell me you trust me

Don't we have something
Something like love?
Track Name: The Broken Rain
the world went fake
Everything has been replaced
With pale imitations
Gray reflections
The food has no taste

Surrounded by automatons
Programmed not to see what's going on
Cheap props
and flimsy sets
A tired plot
and bad effects

It never rains anymore
Not like it did when you were here
The wind is tame and bored
The gray skies never clear

I go to sleep and I wake up
Nothing's changed
Everything is still the same
Still the same
Broken rain

Another copy of the day
Standing in the broken rain
I know it wasn't
always like this
I remember how we used
to kiss

Living in an infinite loop
All the drugs can't hide the truth
Love made it real
Your love made it real

It never rains anymore
Not like it did when you were here
The wind is tame and bored
And the gray skies never clear

It never rains anymore
Not like it did when you were here
The wind is tame and bored
And the storm never appears

I go to sleep and I wake up
Nothing's changed
Everything is still the same
Still the same
Broken rain
Track Name: Two Minutes
In my dresser
a pile of snapshots
Don't look too closely
They faked them all

Climbed from the wreckage
No hero's journey
I wore a new name
Nobody noticed

Live long enough and
all your cells get replaced
Doesn't that make you
Somebody new?

Looking for answers
Answers to questions
Questions of living
Loving and dying

If I could show you
All of what I've seen
You would wonder
At it all

All of those memories
I bequeath thee
Hold them closely
Take them all

Burn so brightly
But not to last
I see the end now
It's coming fast

Just a few minutes
Is all that's left me
I want more time
I want more
Track Name: Write Protect Failure
Walked into the room
Can't remember why
Something to tell you
Must have slipped my mind

Everything we feel
The world that we perceive
All only as real
As our memories

Electricity in meat
Magnetism on rust
Pigments and papers
Crumbling to dust

So the past is slowly changing
The details become blurred
Is that really how it happened?
I can't be sure